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InSitu Academy is an academic agency that provides top notch coursework in a variety of subject areas, including Future Medical Cost Projections. We provide you the syllabus content which compliments our online course presentation in a style intended to teach you an unparalleled skill set.

InSitu is distinguished by the high level of service and support we provide to our students, deep knowledge of industry requirements, and most importantly, the high calibre of our instructors.

InSitu offers a unique learning opportunity for the nurses and paralegals who want to build the necessary skills to meet the unmet demand for quality personnel in this field.

Future Medical Cost Projections Training | InSituAcademy.com

Experienced Professionals

InSitu provides a comprehensive educational program based on the real world experience of nurses and paralegals working in the medical-legal field.

Unique Approach

InSitu provides a comprehensive educational program based on the real world experience of nurses and paralegals working in the medical-legal field.

Learning Environment

Our Introductory Module is offered free of charge so you have the chance to evaluate the curriculum’s value. Every student can then choose their own pace when selecting courses. There are no time limits for module completion. You decide how fast you proceed.

Short & Focused Lessons

Our low-cost courses are offered in small, well-organized modules that can be taken individually at your own pace.

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The InSitu Family

The InSitu Family: InSitu was formed to provide a full array of services and content, to both plaintiff and defense attorneys, physicians, and clients. InSitu has grown to meet the challenges of a dynamic industry with these affiliated companies, continuing to provide quality services for all. InSitu is proud to offer these services and welcomes suggestions for further development and additional services. Contact us at [email protected], or call 845-797-8547.

InSitu Academy

A company offering online educational programs and services for paralegals, nurses, attorneys, and other professionals. These programs include a comprehensive curriculum leading to certification as a cost projection specialist with an accompanying course for attorneys, an internal certification and recertification body, a subscription service offering post-graduate support, with other precertification, recertification, and certification coursework under development.

InSitu Cost Projections

A company offering non-testifying future medical cost projections for both catastrophic and non-catastrophic case situations. Report styles range from automated reports based on condition to a comprehensive narrative report with individualized, researched data. Surgical cost projections, chronic pain projections, and non-covered allocations are also available. Post-settlement allocations (LMSA) for liability cases are now available. Future medical cost projections are prepared by certified cost projection specialists with supervisory overview by certified nurse life care planners.

InSitu Life Care Planning

A company offering testifying, expert opinion life care planning for clients with catastrophic injuries or conditions accepting referrals from plaintiff and defense attorneys. Life care plans are prepared by experienced, certified life care planners who follow a standard methodology assessing the medical and rehabilitation needs of a client, building a medical foundation, applying case management protocol, and researching appropriate CPT coding and costs.

InSitu Consulting

A company developed for post-settlement analysis of future medical, vocational, and rehabilitation needs of individuals impacted by a catastrophic injury, or as the result of a debilitating condition or the aging process. The consulting team is comprised of nurse life care planners, Special Needs counselors, and elder care specialists. Services are available for structured settlement specialists, wealth managers, trust attorneys, and individuals.

InSitu Affiliate Providers

A network joining qualified cost projection specialists with referring attorneys throughout the United States, with administrative and development support provided by a central production team.

InSitu Publishing

In development: documentary and instructional booklets covering life care planning, cost projections, state and federal regulations, educational materials for attorneys, among others. These materials have been used for the basis for courses that are taught online through a number of outlets.

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