About InSitu Academy

InSitu Academy is an academic agency that provides top notch coursework in a variety of subject areas, including Future Medical Cost Projections. We provide you the syllabus content which compliments our online course presentation in a style intended to teach you an unparalleled skill set.

InSitu is distinguished by the high level of service and support we provide to our students, deep knowledge of industry requirements, and most importantly, the high calibre of our instructors.

InSitu offers a unique learning opportunity for the nurses and paralegals who want to build the necessary skills to meet the unmet demand for quality personnel in this field.


InSitu: Future Medical Cost Projection Training For Professionals

We offer the opportunity for professionals to build new skills that lead to increased independence and significant income growth. Our program is designed for nurses and paralegals who are interested in adding to their skill set and their employment flexibility. Our courses are offered in small, well organized modules that can be taken individually or as a full curriculum that leads to becoming a Certified Cost Projection Specialist. This model allows for a more affordable learning experience that can be customized by the student to suit his or her personal and professional needs.

We provide a comprehensive educational program based on the real world experiences of nurses and paralegals who have developed InSitu’s program. Each module was slowly put together over more than 20 years, ensuring total coverage of all the skills required to insure complete mastery of every skill subset needed by you to succeed as an independent (consultant?) in a field that has a rapidly growing demand for these services.

InSitu was established to teach a set of skills that will provide nurses and paralegals with the opportunity to become independent, skilled professionals. Our goal is to help each student become successful in their professional and personal lives.


A Personal Note About Robert & Karen

The principles of InSitu Academy are Karen Shelton and Robert Rice. Karen is a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Life Care Planner with over 25 years of experience working with injury, disability, and future medical cost projections. Karen currently owns and operates a successful life care planning and cost projection company based out of Charleston, South Carolina, working with over 200 attorneys throughout the southeast region.

Robert Rice is an educator with over 30 years teaching experience, including preparing future teachers while at Marist College. Robert is also a successful businessman, owning and operating successful entrepreneurial companies over the last 27 years.

Robert and Karen have combined their expertise and knowledge in designing a curriculum and support system for nurses and paralegals entering into the field of future medical cost projecting. They are committed to helping others achieve success; and both understand the importance of providing mentoring support to the participants of InSitu Academy as each one gains the confidence and skills to work independently.

That commitment also extends to the pricing and structure of InSitu’s curriculum, certification, and subscription services. Robert and Karen purposely kept the pricing affordable and designed a flexible schedule of coursework that fits into the lifestyle of busy, working professionals. Karen and Robert built a comprehensive subscription service, available only to the graduates of the full curriculum, that provides the necessary templates, data, and forms that will assist the new graduate in producing high quality, reliable future medical cost projection reports.

Robert and Karen are joined by Catherine DeBortoli and Kathryn Johnson, who are available at any time to answer questions and provide support/guidance. This applies to all participants—from the first contact as a prospective student, throughout the coursework, and especially as graduates of our program. Our goal is to help each and every one acheive personal success.